Struggling with RFP nonsense?

Meet DeepRFP.

Freeing you from the time-wasting proposals stuff so you can focus on what makes you win

Get started in less than 60 seconds • No credit card required

Get started in less than 60 seconds
No credit card required

✅ Zero AI knowledge needed

✅ Works for every type of RFP

✅ Write better bids faster

Proposals failed us

Burned-out bidding peers are everywhere.

Shameless procurement teams did their part.

Those RFPs due the day after New Year’s, their conflicting requirements and formatting nonsense, their “answer as per the RFP” Q&As, and their last day “minor” amendments that end up changing the whole RFP point.

Upper management didn’t help either.

That “let’s bid for everything under the sun” approach, their “bidding is just admin paperwork” mindset, and the lack of personnel and tools.

The fact that contributors and SMEs failed to understand proposals is how we make sure everyone has a job in two years was the last straw.

You can’t change them, but

You can free up your time to deal better with their nonsense and focus on what makes you win.

Because you know that entertaining that procurement whim isn’t what will get you that contract, it’s not worth your time.

  • Did your SME give you a poor draft late? Turn it into a proper response in seconds.
  • Do you have to adapt reference content to that particular RFP? Just copy your inputs.
  • Are comprehensive compliance matrices part of your process? Don’t do them manually ever again.
  • Does your RFP ask for bios instead of resumes? Just a couple of clicks.

You get the idea.

Save yourself from the time-wasting hassles to bid (and live) better.

We stand with the Bidding and Proposal Professionals

Thanks for reading and for giving DeepRFP a try. You can always email me if you have any questions at

I look forward to hearing from you.


Javier Escartin - DeepRFP Founder

Javier Escartin | Proposal Professional and DeepRFP Founder

Putting AI to work for us in bidding

AI-powered Writing Tools
Editing & Reviewing
Analysis of full RFPs
Virtual SMEs & AI Bid Agents
Company Context
AI Tutorials Library
13 Languages Available

Get started in less than 60 seconds • No credit card required

Get started in less than 60 seconds
No credit card required

What other proposal pros
say about DeepRFP​

See for yourself…

Richard – Chief Commercial Officer

I have been using your product for a few months to support our sales activity and have been really impressed so far. I am now interested in purchasing a few licences for my central strategic sales team.

Kari – Proposal Writer

With this platform, I have significantly accelerated my proposal writing timelines while maintaining a high level of quality and professionalism – truly a game-changing asset in the fast-paced world of proposals.

Get started in less than 60 seconds • No credit card required

Dr. Yaman – Founder writing grants

The platform is excellent, and we utilised it for preparing a grant application.

Nasir – Proposals Director

We’ve started using DeepRFP and just wanted to advise that it is a nifty tool with a lot of potential.

Mark – CEO and Government POC

Helps tremendously.

Get started in less than 60 seconds • No credit card required

Stephanie – Proposal Center Manager

I used the tool to clean-up some content in an Executive Summary that I was struggling with and the result was amazing to me. Much more concise and came across as a much better “pitch” for our win theme!

Mark – Bid Manager

My work are being sluggish about buying DeepRFP, so I am just gonna renewal my sub and find a way to expense it.

I’ve been a little lost without it.

Get started in less than 60 seconds • No credit card required

Get started in less than 60 seconds
No credit card required

We also hate when you have to book a sales call just to get a price, so here is ours.

So, why AI in proposals?

In an ideal world, RFPs would not ask for nonsense, your SMEs would respect your plans and provide well-written drafts, and your upper management would have ensured proper resources and a rational bid/no-bid decision-making.

You know that’s not the case. 

That’s why AI in proposals is a must.

Focusing on what matters
is the secret of your bidding success

It’s the difference between the ones that just submit
compliant proposals and the ones that win contracts!

Without AI

❌ Endless hours dealing with RFP nonsense

❌ Time-wasting tasks kill your motivation

❌ Rushing to deadlines

❌ Working on weekends

❌ Burnout

With AI

✅ Time to work on what makes you win

✅ Enjoy working on proposals again

✅ Better proposals faster

✅ More wins

✅ Work-life balance

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Write technical responses.

Input complex content and avoid generic boilerplate. 

Confidentiality first.

We do not use your data to train any AI model.

An AI tool kit designed for bidding

Writing tools

Write better proposals faster with a set of tools optimized for bidding use cases.

Editing & Reviewing

Rewrite and style your drafts and get improvement feedback in seconds.

Virtual SMEs & AI Agents

AI-powered technical experts and bid-writing agents.

Company Context

Get responses that are relevant to your company and RFPs.

Training Library

Tutorials to get the most out of the tools and AI in proposals overall.


Write proposals in 13 languages through an English interface.

RFP Analyzer

Shred RFPs and get red flags, risks analysis, and compliance matrices.

Advanced Workflows

Enhance proposal processes with AI-powered tools and workflows

Custom use cases

Solve your unique bottlenecks with customized AI tools

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Things to Consider

No, there’s no minimum time commitment.

Subscriptions are billed monthly, and you can cancel anytime.

The DeepRFP tools save your team time—sometimes 80% of the time some task takes—yet a professional shall review the results to keep with the bidding process.

Think of DeepRFP as a junior assistant.

You wouldn’t bid without reviewing your junior colleague’s inputs, so it’s the same with this technology.

We don’t offer on-site deployments.

DeepRFP runs in the cloud with a combination of US and EU servers.

For further details, see the DeepRFP Terms & Conditions

DeepRFP has no access to the internet, so it can’t follow links and read websites.

You can pass your company information and other content of interest directly on the application.

Your data is never used to train any AI model.

Your data is managed as confidential and only retained for a few days for abuse monitoring purposes.

For further details, see the DeepRFP Terms & Conditions

Don’t use DeepRFP for government-classified information.

Yes, DeepRFP takes your company inputs and content to draft your responses.

What we don’t do is keep your data or use it to train any artificial intelligence model. This is by design, to ensure security and confidentiality.

  • Artificial intelligence that is focused on bidding and RFPs
  • Tools that give you quick wins without having to change your proposal management processes
  • To ensure your data is not retained or used to train any AI model
  • Flexible and affordable subscriptions

Although a few large companies have purchased licenses for their bidding teams, DeepRFP is mostly used by small to medium businesses—including individual consultants—that want to take advantage of artificial intelligence in proposals.

Although our users could cancel their subscriptions anytime, almost no one is cancelling.

It seems that writing better proposals faster for $75/month is a great deal!

Get started in less than 60 seconds • No credit card required

Get started in less than 60 seconds
No credit card required